Allergy and Gluten Free Menu Options

Gluten sensitive options

Available upon request

Yellow corn chips
Yellow corn tortillas
Please ask your server


Mexican rice
Cilantro lime rice
Refried beans
Steamed pinto beans
Black beans
Steamed corn
Corn con crema
Pappas mexicanos
Steamed vegetable medley

Salsas & Sauces

Handmade salsa
Atomic salsa
Vegetable relish
Tomatillo (green) sauce
Cheese sauce
Ranchera sauce

Specific entree items

Shredded chicken*
Ground beef*
Shredded beef*
Tender pork*
Spinach enchiladas*
Handmade tamales
Tortilla soup

*Note: Any of the proteins listed above are gluten-sensitive when prepared with yellow corn tortillas.

Food Allergy Alert


Chile relleno
Fried avocados


Pappas mexicanos
Corn con crema
Cheese sauce
Crema sauce

Homemade Tortillas 



Shrimp ceviche tostadas
Shrimp cocktail
Shrimp tacos
Shrimp enchiladas
Shrimp fajitas

Guest Advisory:

All our products may come in contact with other products or preparation areas that contain any of the listed items above. Please let your server know of any concerns, and they will get a manager for you.