Catering with Ted's Mexican in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Lawton

Ted's Banquet Rooms

Looking for a location to host your event?  We have you covered! Ted’s has two banquet rooms in the Oklahoma City, OK area.  Each has its own unique style, layout, and amenities ensuring that you’ll have exactly what you need for any occasion.

OKC Banquet Rooms

Our banquet rooms can accommodate a variety of group sizes. It’s important to know how many guests you expect to attend your event to ensure that the catering manager books the room that is the best fit for your needs. Additionally, both of our banquet rooms are set up for a buffet meal.


Escondido Room

Fits up to 100 people.


Pueblo Room

Fits up to 50 people.


How are the tables set up?​

We use standard 8-foot tables covered with white linen tablecloths in our Banquet Rooms. This setup offers a clean and classic look that complements various event themes.​

What kind of AV equipment do you have?

We provide essential AV equipment to meet your event needs. Our Banquet Rooms are equipped with a screen and projector. Additionally, we offer the flexibility for you to bring your own laptop and connect it to our AV system via HDMI or VGA connection. You and your guests will also have access to free WIFI during your event.​

How can we purchase alcohol?

You have two options for alcohol service. Guests can run their own credit card tab for individual alcohol purchases, or we can set up an open bar based on consumption and add it to your dinner bill. Our drink selection includes imported and domestic bottled beer, as well as margaritas—frozen or on the rocks.

Can we order off the menu?

Unfortunately, ordering off the menu is not available for our private Banquet Rooms. As the rooms are located across the street from the restaurant, we offer buffet-style dining to ensure a convenient and enjoyable experience.

Can we pay with separate checks?

No, the Banquet Room bill is totaled on one invoice, and separate checks are not provided. We aim to simplify the payment process and ensure a smooth dining experience for all guests.

Can we come in early and decorate?

You may come in up to an hour ahead of the scheduled start time to decorate.  No glitter or confetti allowed.

Do you have a kids price for the buffet?

We do not have a children’s price.

What if we don’t have the minimum show up?

You will still pay for the minimum (20 people).​

Can we take home the leftovers?

Yes, of course.  The food is yours, you paid for it.  The catering staff will box up leftovers for you to keep.

Can we bring in cake/cookies/dessert?

Yes, that is allowed.  You will need to bring in your own serving utensils, cake plates, napkins, etc.

Can we bring in our own alcohol/champagne?

No, that is not allowed.

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Catering Managers

Kristen Hallcroft

Oklahoma city

(405) 848-8337 Ext. 4

Trisha ausbern


(918) 301-8337 Ext. 4

Charles Grooms


(580) 699-8337 Ext. 4