Fundraise with Ted's

Up Your fundraising game

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraiser night with Ted’s Cafe Escondido!  

Read on to learn more about these events and see if it’s a good fit for your school or organization. 


Who can host a fundraiser night?
Fundraiser nights are available for schools, club, athletic teams, non-profit organizations and community groups.  If you’re not sure if your group qualifies, you can contact to confirm your eligibility for a fundraiser night.

When are the fundraiser nights?
We offer fundraising nights at most of our locations on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5pm – close.  Dates are available most weeks during the school year, except during the holiday season, and are available on a first come, first served basis.  

How does it work?
Once your date has been reserved, you’ll need to provide us with a copy of your school or organization’s logo.  The logo is then used to create the official event flyer.  You will be given both a printable and an email and social media friendly version of the flyer that can be distributed. An event will also be created on the store’s Facebook page, with the school or organization linked as a co-host (when applicable).  It is up to the school or organization to promote the event.  Guests will be required to show either a print or digital version of the flyer to their server the night of the fundraiser in order to be counted toward the sales total.  The host school or organization receives 10% of the ticket sales for guests who attend the fundraiser night.

Does a representative from my school or organization need to be present at the fundraiser night?
No. In fact, we ask that the school or organization does NOT have a representative present for the purpose of telling people about the fundraiser night.  In order to ensure none of our guests feel pressured to participate in a fundraiser, we require all promotion to be done prior to the event.  We do, however, encourage all members of your group to attend the fundraiser as guests to help support your school or organization!

How much can I expect to raise?
The amount of money you can raise will depend largely on how widely the event is promoted, as only guests who bring in a copy of the event flyer (printed or digital) will be counted toward the sales total.  Typically, our fundraiser nights bring in between $100-200.  However, we have had events that were very poorly promoted and had only 2-3 people attend.  The result was substantially less money raised.  We cannot stress enough the importance of spreading the word about the fundraiser night.  We provide you with the tools to successfully promote the event, but unless you take the initiative to let people know about it the event, it will likely not be successful.  That said, we have had several very successful fundraiser nights, as well.  We know these events work when the school or organization is committed to promoting them well.

Can I host a fundraiser at more than one location on the same night?
No. Due to the high number of requests, each school or organization can host a fundraiser at only one location on any given night.

How often can I host a fundraiser night?
You are allowed to host up to one fundraiser night per month.  

I have other questions!
If you have questions not answered here, you can send an email to