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You’ve got the ring. You’ve picked your date. The venue is all lined up. Now it’s time to select one of the most important parts of your wedding… the food. Catering is a large part of your big day, and you’ll want to pick a caterer that will have your guests excited to dig in, and what better choice than Ted’s?

Ted’s makes it super easy, and our catering managers will help every step of the way by asking all the right questions and ensuring no detail is left unchecked. But if you want to be prepared before you meet with your catering manager, below is a list of questions you’ll want to be ready to answer:

How many people do you expect for your big day?

When you haven’t even pulled together the invitation list or started thinking about RSVPs, it’s tough to begin to come up with a number. We get that, so don’t be afraid to give us your very best ballpark estimate. You already probably have a good idea if it will be 50 or 500, so don’t feel bad if all you have is a guess. Just be sure to let us know once you get to that number squared away. Running out of food at your wedding is no fun for anyone.

What entrée would you like to serve?

This may be a great place to do a little homework and discuss with your family. Not sure what all your options are? Check out your various catering entrée choices here. If you’ve been to Ted’s before, you likely already know your choices will be tacos, enchiladas and/or our famous slow-marinated fajitas. Plus, you’ll get the complimentary set-up and side items we’re known for: chips, salsa, cheese sauce, homemade guacamole, flour tortillas, atomic salsa, vegetable relish, sour cream, rice, beans and sweet cinnamon chips for dessert (sadly, our sopapillas don’t travel very well). We’ll even take care of the drinks with complimentary tea and ice.

What level of catering would you like?

We offer three types of off-site catering: casual, chafing and serviced. This might be a great time to check with your venue to see if they have a preference (or a requirement) to ensure you select the right level of service for your wedding. Below are the differences between each one:

Casual Cater
For the casual setup, we’ll deliver the food and set it up for you. The food will come in aluminum pans “family style,” which allows guests to serve themselves. Plates, napkins, plastic silverware, serving utensils and cups are also provided (if you need them). All pans and utensils are yours to keep after the event.

Chafing Cater
The chafing setup is a little more formal, and likely the best choice for most weddings. After we deliver the food, we’ll set it up in large metal dishes with chafing burners to keep the food warm. We’ll also have bowls for condiments and large baskets to serve our fresh-made chips. You will also have the option for us to provide colorful Mexican serape blankets or traditional solid-colored linens. Of course, you can provide your own linens as well! Higher quality disposable tableware, as well as the other previously mentioned paper goods, is provided by Ted’s. Once the event is over, we’ll coordinate with you and your venue to pick up the chafing dishes and supplies.

Serviced Cater
If you want the easiest, most stress-free option, our serviced cater is the perfect choice for your wedding. While the food set up is very similar to the chafing cater, you will have a dedicated server throughout the event to assist your guests, as well as clean up immediately following the end of the reception. We love this option for weddings as it allows the couple to concentrate on their special day, not worry about the food.

Are you ready to check catering off your wedding to-do list? Click here to get an instant quote for your special day! Still have questions? Our catering managers are here to help! Reach out to the catering manager for your area. They are happy to assist in any way to make your wedding truly special!

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