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Better Mexican


Small, but mighty.
Five pounds, 30 minutes.
We invented
the setup
made from scratch

We don’t just throw around the words made from scratch. We live by them.

From making our tortillas fresh and on demand, to hand-squeezing limes for all the margaritas your hearts desire – we believe in giving you a meal that’s always made with real ingredients by real people.

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Our Story

In a remodeled house on 68th St. in OKC, with a fondness for freshness and a made-from-scratch mentality, Ted’s was born. We’ve been bringing better Mexican food to the masses since ’91, and nothing about that has changed (well, we don’t use pagers anymore). 

Sure, we’ve added a few more locations to the family. But we still believe in hospitality and good vibes. Handmade meals and happy guests. And that good isn’t good enough. Better Mexican is.