Ted's New Vegetarian Menu

Our Vegetarian Menu Has Dropped!


That’s right. Ted’s has a new vegetarian menu. 

Our veggie lovers deserve options. You shouldn’t have to resort to substitutions and sticking to the sides menu. Rice and beans are delicious, but you probably want more. We get that.

That’s why we’re pretty pumped to release our brand new vegetarian menu

It’s full of your favorites, minus…the meat. From appetizers to combo plates, going veggie doesn’t mean missing out on anything when you’re at Ted’s. Get that classic quesadilla amped up with poblano pepper strips or that chimichanga with black bean corn relish. Enchilada enthusiast? Get it loaded with grilled veggies or spice up any dish by adding diced grilled, whole fried, or pickled jalapeños. 

Gluten sensitivity? Food allergies? We got you. Check out what to avoid here

 In our experience, happy guests are usually full guests (who weren’t stuck with a consolation prize mash-up meal). Come on in and start making your way through the 40+ vegetarian menu items now available.