Ted's High Guest Service Standards

New Standard in Guest Service


If you read any of the hundreds of reviews the Ted’s restaurants have received  over the years, two things are likely to stick out: the food and the service.  Believe it or not, the latter is often more important in the eyes of the guest.  This is precisely why we utilize the team service model in all of our stores.

We’ve all had poor dining experiences.  Remember that time when you spent half the meal watching other servers walk right past your empty drink glass while your server was mysteriously absent? We’ve been there and didn’t much care for it, so we work hard to ensure that this scenario never happens while you’re at one of our restaurants.

Team Service

So what exactly does team service mean?  It means that unlike many restaurants, your needs are taken care of by not one, but four different people who are all equally responsible for ensuring you have an exceptional dining experience. When you visit Ted’s, you will see and interact at your table with a traditional server, a server’s assistant, a buddy server, and a floor manager.  Each of these team members works in tandem with the others to keep your drinks and cheese sauce full and your table clear of any emptied plates.

  • The server is your main point of contact at your table.  This is likely the person who will greet you, though that is not always the case.  Your server will take your order at the beginning of your meal and bring your ticket at the end of the meal.  As time allows, they will also ensure your drinks and setup items are refilled, offer dessert, and clear away plates as they are emptied.
  • The server buddy is another server who is the main contact for an adjoining section of tables.  They help ensure your drinks and setup items are refilled, may offer you dessert, and help to keep the table free of unused dishes. Often, if a server is filling water glasses for guests in their own section, they may walk around the entire restaurant to ensure that all guests have a full glass.
  • The server assistant brings out the setup and busses the table after you leave.
  • The floor manager makes it a  point to stop by and visit with every table.  They may ask you if this is your first visit to Ted’s and will confirm that your meal is correct and meets your expectations. Occasionally, the floor manager may greet your table and offer meal recommendations or customizations if you aren’t sure what to order.   If you ever have any concerns, they will be the best person to help resolve the situation.

A Little Perspective

Given how detailed the guest service procedures are in all of our restaurants, it is always surprising to hear guests comment that they didn’t receive good service.  More often than not in this situation, the guest will say something like, “I felt like everyone except my server took care of me, so I didn’t leave a tip.” In reality, what the guest experienced was a well-functioning team that stepped in to help when the main server was busy assisting other guests.  This is precisely why team service works.  It’s not about which table is whose.  Instead, it’s about who has time to make sure the guest has a great experience. In fact, because there are so many people involved in making your experience exceptional, the tip you leave is not just for the main server.  Ted’s servers have a tip share program that ensures compensation to everyone who played a part in keeping your meal enjoyable. Knowing what you know now, hopefully, you can have an even greater appreciation for the amazing team service that you’ll find only at Ted’s!